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Importance of Grooming Your Dog

All dogs need some grooming TLC from time to time. Below is a list of reasons you should have your fur baby groomed, whether you do it at home or bring your dog to a professional groomer.

1. Nails: 

Nails left untrimmed can grow into the paw pads and cause pain when the dog walks. If their nails do get to that point, the vet will have to cut the nail and surgically remove the part of the nail that is embedded in the paw pad. In severe cases, the dog may need to be sedated for the nail removal in the pad. 

2. Ears: 

Long-coated breeds (non-shedding) need to have the hair plucked from their ears. Too much hair in the ear canal can cause an infection, resulting in hearing loss and other issues that would require a visit to the vet. Dogs that shed also need to have their ears cleaned to remove any buildup of wax or dirt. Signs that your dog may have an ear infection include: pawing at an ear frequently, rubbing the ear on the floor, the ear is warm to the touch, or it has a smelly discharge.   

3. Anal Glands: 

Have you ever witnessed a dog scoot its butt across the floor? Well, he or she is trying to express its anal glands to release the buildup of secretions that are in the glands by its bottom. If these glands are not expressed periodically, it can become impacted and cause an infection. Lots of larger dogs are able to take care of this by themselves, but little dogs need help to get it all out.


4. Eyes: 

For breeds that do not shed, the hair around the eyes needs to be trimmed. Not only can they not see, but the oils from the hair can cause an infection. 

5. Sanitary Area: 

Your dog’s sanitary area needs to be trimmed to prevent a yeast infection, which can be caused by urine on the same spot of skin for a prolonged period of time. Also if the bottom is not trimmed, some of their “#2” can get caught in the hair. 

6. Skin & Hair: 

Just like people, dogs can get mats in their hair. A tight mat will pull on the dog’s skin and can cause lesions. When a mat gets wet, it actually becomes tighter, pulling the skin even more. 

Also, if your dog has flaky skin or has been itching and scratching, they can create a skin irritation that may require special medicated shampoo and more frequent baths to help the skin get back to normal. Dogs that are non-shedding and have an excessive amount of hair can get overheated, causing heat stroke, especially in the warmer summer months.

Groomers can find lumps, bumps, and even teeth issues that you may not notice. Since groomers do not see your dog on a daily basis, they are more likely to notice any unusual things on your dog and may suggest a visit to the vet. For dogs that may have some anxiety, using the same groomer can help the dog form a bond with them, which can help reduce the nervousness they may feel. 

Ruff Life Pet Hotel has 3 full-time groomers to choose from for all your dog grooming needs!

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