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Harmony Corner Café: A clean operation

There is very little garbage about

Harmony Corner Café. Garbage in the trash can that is. With the bakery in full operation and supplying bread twice a week and scones everyday to Just Local Food and Menomonie Market Co-op, it is unlikely to see much waste going into the garbage can. That is because the owners, Kathy and Greg Brice, are very conscientious about buying local and in bulk, so as to not waste packaging materials and conserve in transportation costs. It is also very important to them to buy local, which in turn helps support the community. Here comes to the garbage factor: eggs and milk are bought from a local farmer, and the containers are returned to reuse; flour and sugar come in large paper sacks, which are taken home to start the backyard campfire (nice on these brisk winter nights!); all other recyclables are taken to the recycling center; and all compostable food scraps and coffee grounds are taken to their home nightly for the garden’s composting center. So what is in the garbage can today? A broken light bulb.

Kathy says that once the café, located at 210 S. Barstow, opens this month, recycling and composting the garbage won’t change at all; it will just be on a larger scale. Much research has been done to provide compostable to-go containers for their customers. Made mostly of corn, these containers can break down within 45 days without the help of oxygen and water. The plastic bag used for carry-out food and bread is biodegradable as well. A new additive is used in the production of the plastic bag that allows degrading of the bag within nine months in landfill conditions, and the bags are still completely recyclable. Shelf-life and reliability is not affected.

Harmony Corner Café also supports fair-trade products as well. Coffee, tea, chocolate, and bananas, which are generally imported, are purchased as organic and fair-trade. Fair-trade supports paying the farmers a livable wage and supports sustainable farming practices.

Harmony Corner Café will be open Monday through Saturday, 7am to 10pm. Some breakfast items, tea and coffee drinks, including lattes and cappuccinos, real fruit smoothies, Panini sandwiches, organic salads, many desserts, and more. Free Internet and live music with full bar.

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