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Happy Healthy Holidays

The holiday season is coming soon—time to enjoy our new normal of family gatherings, delectable meals and home decorating at it’s best. Meanwhile, it is easy to get stressed out during the holiday chaos about things that really are meant to be joyful.

We will be mindful this year of COVID-19. New studies speak to the increased levels of stress in people, and sadness during the holidays.

To have a happy, healthy holiday, it is essential to find ways to lower stress and have a plan to avoid last minute stressors.

Not to worry, there are natural, healthy ways to handle holiday stress and tips to keep the "happy" and "healthy" in your holidays.

Make time for you: Do keep time for you. Exercise—going to the gym or for a walk are both known ways to decrease your stress, depression, and anxiety levels. Yes, good sleep does a body and mind good, too!

Don’t let your emotions run you: A meditation practice helps create peaceful head space, elevate your mood, and relaxes the body. Some find the energy therapies like Reiki or Healing Touch sessions very effective—it’s like deep meditation for body and mind. It promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress, assists the body’s natural healing abilities, and helps to improve overall well-being. Taking self time increases your ability to hold the positive vibes of joy in times of stress.

Practice Healthy Holiday Eating: Stress can trigger mindless eating and cravings of unhealthier foods. For your self-care try out new healthy recipes. If you are cooking for others pick wholesome foods and nourishing ingredients. It’s OK to make one nice desert and offer a fruit plate. Eat a high fiber and protein rich snack before you head out to parties, it will help keep your blood sugar levels stables. Feeding the body well, increases you ability to create that loving positive energy to enjoy!

Embrace new traditions: Be willing to change dates or time to gather with loved ones and friends. Think about smaller gatherings—social distancing is as important as enough play space. Everyone’s budget needs a break, so set a dollar amount for gifts that fits and stick to it. Many people have iPads or smartphones, so make use of them to check up on those who may be having a hard time. Plan a Zoom visit with family, friends or classmates to catch up, or an ugly sweater contest! Read the favorite Christmas story to your grandchildren or practice baking cookies on Zoom. Memories are made from what we create and share together.

Sandi Anderson CHTP., KT., RM., LUT - Life & Soul Coach, Psychic, Energy Healer - Sandi lives in the Chippewa Valley. Owner of “Intentions”.

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