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Grieving the Loss of a Pet

By Katy Hackworthy

It’s always difficult to lose a pet. Our furry friends are often integral members of our families, and the grieving process in the wake of a pet’s death may reflect that notion. Second Opinion interviewed Betsy Talbot of Talbot Funeral Homes about pet grief and loss, and the services their small family business provides.

What tips would you give to a grieving pet parent?

My advice to a grieving pet parent would be to cherish every moment that you had with your companion because they cherished every moment with you.

What have you learned about pet loss through your work?

I have learned so much about pet loss since we opened up Precious Companion Cremation Care. The amount of love that our pets give to us is as large as the hole in our hearts when they are called from us. Pet parents find peace as we allow

them to spend time in private at our funeral home. The grief that is expressed at times surpasses that of the loss of a human loved one. Handling a pet parent's precious companion deserves dignity and respect.

What types of urns or memorials do you offer for grieving families?

As part of our cremation services, we provide a decorative paw print tin urn. Many times, a pet parent will want an urn that captures the essence of their pet. We offer selections that are as unique as one can imagine and made out of many different types of metals, wood or even biodegradable urns. The most selected urn, however, would be either the oak or cherry wood photo urns that we have engraved and personalized. This urn allows one to change photos of their pet, which I think adds tangibility to the loss and triggers happy thoughts as they browse treasured photos.

Betsy emphasizes that “pet parents are pet owners, but not all pet owners are pet parents.” As pet parents themselves, the Talbots understand the hurt and the grief is real and it’s their “mission to treat every pet as if we were their pet parents.” Visit Talbot Family Funeral Homes for all your pet cremation needs.

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