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Green Pages » May/June ‘12

Awareness is Key at Little Sprouts Academy

Joe and Lucy Lawrence have something very special to offer Menomonie and the surrounding communities in their new child care/learning center, Little Sprouts Academy Menomonie LLC.

Naturally, the development and well-being of children is their first priority, but how those goals are accomplished is what makes Little Sprouts unique. Joe and Lucy have a passion for eco-awareness. To them, the impact environment has on people (especially young people) is critical to their development and well-being. Recognizing that all aspects of our health are influenced by the environment in which we live and choices we make (for ourselves and our children) is a focus of their center. Not only will children be loved, cared for, taught, and nurtured at Little Sprouts, but Joe and Lucy have made it their goal to provide an environment that says: We are aware! When considering the environment the children would be in on a daily basis, they took into account the exposure children would have to chemicals and toxins. The cleaning products, flooring, paints, foods, toys, and furniture were all mindfully selected to be the least harmful for the children.

Even more importantly, this awareness goes deeper; while at the center, the children will have opportunities to learn to be aware of their environment and make sound choices for themselves. Offering opportunities for gardening, composting, recycling, and learning about making healthy food choices and the impact their choices have on their health will be key to the growth and development of children who are the future leaders of our communities.

They call themselves, “eco-aware”, because Joe and Lucy acknowledge that they are aware, but certainly not “all-knowing”. Life-long learners themselves, they realize that awareness is the first step to making changes (changes that will affect your future) and that knowledge and new information will always become available, challenging them to make changes that will be best for the employees and children in their learning center.

It is their goal to help children become productive citizens of our communities and with that, educating families and the community will be a step in achieving their goal. Not only will Joe and Lucy provide learning environments for children, but they are excited to also offer classes for parents and the community.

If you have an interest in learning more about Little Sprouts or have something that you would like to share with Joe and Lucy, please contact them at 715-403-1338 or by e-mail at or

Little Sprouts offers:

  1. Full or half-day care for children 6 weeks-5 years old

  2. Drop-in care

  3. School-Age Care (before and after school)

  4. Summer School Program

  5. 4K

  6. Employment opportunities for lead and assistant teachers and cooks

They’d love to meet you — stop on by!

Worker B

Your skin takes a beating every day, but Worker B skin care helps you fight back by providing a lasting protective barrier and the ultimate in skin repair. Our ingredients come straight from the hive– hand crafted without fillers. We offer highly concentrated lotions and balms for superior conditioning of your hands, face, feet, and body – and great for our four-legged friends too!

Worker B is a Minneapolis-based skin care line with an emphasis on bee products. We are a three person company now celebrating 18 months in business. Collectively we have 10 years of experience in and around the honeybee industry and keep our own hives on a friend’s organic farm. We do all of the ingredient sourcing, formulation, production, packaging and shipping ourselves.

Ingredients: Worker B skin care products contain no fillers, water, alcohol, etc. and use bee products (beeswax, honey and propolis) from several Minnesota and western Wisconsin beekeepers – now ages 18 to 70! We make sure that our beekeepers are keeping their bees ethically and sustainably. These personal relationships with our beekeepers are what set Worker B apart from other “bee-based” companies. As Worker B grows, so does our support of ethical beekeepers! All other ingredients are certified organic or GMO free.

Products: All Worker B products can be used all over your skin, from face to feet, lips to hands. Good for pet paws and food safe, so no worries about use in the kitchen. Worker B was developed in part for the most sensitive of skin, suitable for people with a large range of allergies. These are highly concentrated formulas, so a little bit goes a long way! We hand craft each product in small batches, providing you the freshest products. Labels are letter-press printed by a local artist. Hard-working products made by and for hard-working people!

Bee Collected. Bee Nourished. Worker B.

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