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Green Pages » July/August ‘11


LüSa Organics

LüSa Organics is a local (Viroqua, WI) organic body care company creating products for babies, children, mothers, and the rest of us! LüSa Organics is best know for their gentle, cloth diaper safe Booty Balm and Baby Wipe Juice – alternatives to mainstream disposable wipes and petroleum-based creams. The name LüSa was created from the names Lupine and Sage, the founder’s two children.

Founders Rachel and Pete Wolf find their family and business are forever interwoven. Homeschooling two children and running their small business, everything is joyfully mixed together. Family-meets-business-meets-learning-meets-living. You can take a peek into their life through their natural lifestyle blog Clean.

Currently LüSa Organics is small but growing fast. Wolf has a vision of LüSa Organics on a small organic farm on the outskirts Viroqua, WI. Reclaiming a parcel of agricultural land to grow their own herbs organically and other ingredients is inline with the greater vision for LüSa Organics. Imagine standing in a beautiful old barn surrounded by handmade soaps and balms, looking out onto rolling fields of organic lavender, mint, calendula, and sunflowers! Magic.

Tiny Tush

Tiny Tush diapers are not the cloth diapers your grandma used! We are passionate about the benefits of natural and environmentally friendly choices and we seek to educate others about these important decisions.

We always remain true to our vision of “making our world a better place” by being a leader in our industry and providing natural products and ongoing support.

We are a family owned business. Our positive and caring team fulfills our customer’s needs through knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly service.

Tiny Tush customers are parents wanting the very best for their baby and their baby’s world! They love how Tiny Tush products combine state-of-the-art technology, ingenious design, and good old-fashioned comfort to make cloth diapering easy! Our customers appreciate working with us… a business based on family values.

Located in Reedsburg, WI, you are shopping locally when you use Tiny Tush Diapers. We offer a wide variety of high quality and easy to use cloth baby diapers, diaper covers, diaper wraps, diaper liners, diaper packages, Chinese Prefolds, fitted cloth diapers, wool soakers, All-In-One cloth diapers, and other cloth diapering accessories.

Clean Aura

At Clean Aura, we lovingly create all natural products to please the body, mind, and soul.

We strongly believe what we put onto our bodies is just as important as what we put into them. Our passion is creating superb body care products, while bringing this awareness to each and every person.

Clean Aura offers an extensive line of luxurious soaps, moisturizing lip & body balms, sensual massage & perfume oils, and detoxifying bath salts & scrubs. Each of these products are carefully handcrafted in small batches to ensure a premium product with optimum quality, at an affordable price. Pure botanical oils, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils from the earth, are thoughtfully selected and incorporated into each recipe. We are against and completely avoid the use of potentially harmful synthetic fragrance oils, petroleum products, artificial coloring, and preservatives.

Each product created by Clean Aura is locally made in Fond Du Lac, WI, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable.

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