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Green Nourishment

by Pam Jaffke

Sunrider herbal food, household, personal care and skin care products are exclusive and truly in a league of their own. The Philosophy of Regeneration is the blueprint for each Sunrider product, thereby making the products unique in concept, efficacy and quality. This Philosophy has four essential principles:

1. Sunrider products nourish and cleanse your body to achieve balance and optimal health.

2. Food, not chemicals. Our bodies recognize food as nourishment, not chemicals such as protein powders and vitamin pills. Sunrider products provide your body with concentrated foods.

3. This nourishment must come from a wide variety of whole foods. There is no perfect vitamin, juice or food.  Variety is necessary for a healthy, balanced body. A Sunrider shake with 4 key products provides over 100 different fruits and vegetables.

4. Sunrider uses advanced manufacturing techniques in formulation, extraction, and concentration to produce these life-enhancing formulas.

The skin care products follow the same philosophy of nourish, balance and cleanse. They are pH balanced and effective for all skin types. They are slightly acidic to be in harmony with the skin’s natural oil to water balance.  Kandesn is the only skin care line to use 100% squalane oil, the only oil capable of being absorbed completely by the skin.

Sunrider has manufactured these exclusive products for 30 years and looks forward to many more decades of improving the lives of anyone who eats the food, uses the personal care items, and treats their skin to the Kandesn skin care line.

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