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Editor’s Note » September/October ‘11

I can’t tell you how excited I am that harvest season is here. There is nothing like eating right out of the garden (or from you farmer’s market table). I know that at our house, the cherry tomatoes don’t make it inside, as my three-year old just eats as he plays. And most of the cucumbers come into the house with bites out of them. But seriously, there is nothing better than warm, perfectly ripe food, grown with only sunshine and love. The maintenance needed to keep a garden going, especially in Wisconsin, when it rains only when I water, is out of love. And we hope that you’ll find your favorite this season either in your own garden, a road side stand, or your favorite farmer’s table at the weekend market.

This issue is chock-full of ideas to help you eat local, sustain our community with your purchasing power, and create a working relationship with the foods you eat. We have awesome articles, including recipes and tips for eating locally and staying a locavore. We are also excited to launch our 5th annual Eat Local Challenge. This year we are asking you to give us your tips, secrets, and recipes for a chance to win BIG prizes. See the info on page 11 on how to enter and win. Thanks to all our local writers who worked so hard to make this issue locally awesome. We enjoyed putting it together and hope you enjoy reading.

It’s September, so eat up, eat well, and eat local!

– Arwen Rasmussen, Editor/Publisher

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