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Editor’s Note » March/April ‘11

Welcome back! Thanks for checking us out online. As we get ready to welcome another season, remember to do something good for your planet, your family, and yourself. Check in with some of our sponsors; we are so blessed to have a community full of talented healing practitioners, growers and purveyors of wholesome foods, local stores to fill our baskets, and teachers of all sorts to help us get where we need to be.

As you settle in a corner filled with sunshine (hopefully) to enjoy this issue, get ready to rejuvenate your body and your taste buds with raw foods; find a gentle yet effective way to balance your energy with essential oils; find out how you can heal your soul by partnering with horses; or get inspired to find a new way to acquire something on your wish list. Whatever it is you need to help cleanse your soul for spring, we hope you find it here. Be kind, be well.

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