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Consider Chiropractics: You Just Never Know

You Just Never Know …

So it’s mid March, I have that chest cold that has been going around. I have gone from scratchy throat, to no voice, to squeaky voice with horrible cough, to more mucus then anyone cares to deal with.  So while reading to my 4 year old, I go to get up from the chair and my hip does something funny and suddenly it hurts, badly. So I stretch it out, am conscious of every step, and stairs are nearly impossible. Almost like rope climbing the banister up the stairs. So I finally call Dr. John, my trusted and miraculous chiropractor. It’s Saturday afternoon and he agrees to meet me at his office in 10 minutes. So I hobble into the office, explain my cold, my coughing and hip pain and lie down on the table.

Ten minutes later, after adjusting, tapping, pushing, and squeezing most of my body into alignment, he tells me what happened.

When you cough so severely that it bends you over your body, you go into crouch position. Crouch position is natural for crawling babies, but when an adult does it and suddenly straightens back up to walking stance, things can go awry. Evidently because I had been coughing so much the last week, my body got used to being in the crouched position. So when I stood up suddenly from the chair, the nerves and neurons that tell my legs to straighten out and walk weren’t communicating. Thus the result is a hip pain that hurts like hell.

I tell you this not to complain about my cold but to emphasize that chiropractic is more than back cracking. Our bodies are linked and communicating within themselves at all times, and something as simple as a cold can reek havoc on other parts of your body that you never thought.

So if you have a chiropractor and a funny pain happens, make an appointment. One theory is that life has pains and that our bodies eventually work them out, but that is really the last thing you want to do. Regular chiropractic visits can correct and realign your body so that all systems are a go and stay that way.

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