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Car Seat Disposal Day

Safe Kids Chippewa Valley (a program sponsored by Sacred Heart Hospital), Eau Claire Ford Lincoln and Quick Lane, and AAA of Wisconsin are partnering to offer Chippewa Valley parents a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposing of outgrown or unused children’s car seats.

Safe Kids Chippewa Valley and Eau Claire Ford Lincoln and Quick Lane will be accepting unwanted car seats, which will then be recycled by Veolia Environmental Services. First come, first served – no appointments will be taken.

“When a child outgrows his or her car seat, parents don’t have a lot of alternatives other than throwing it away,” said Paula Pater, Safe Kids Chippewa Valley coordinator. “Selling or donating an old car seat is never a good idea because the seat might have unseen wear and tear, rendering it unsafe for future use. Also, most car seats expire after six years from the date they were manufactured, and we need to get expired seats out of circulation. Our event will offer a safe alternative for disposal, and best of all, the plastic material in the car seats will be recycled.”

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