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Ah, Spring!

February is the month of Valentines. March is the month of…well, basketball tournament, snowstorms, and the first day of spring! In April, Christians celebrate the reason for their faith, and Earth Day is recognized. Many are celebrating a pregnancy during this time following some months of cold weather snuggling. Others are celebrating new arrivals. What’s not to love this time of year with the babies, pastels and sprouting bulbs? The hope of new life can serve to lift one’s spirits and lighten one’s step.

Spring is also a good time evaluate your health. Consider infra-red thermal imaging as part of your spring health tune-up. Thermography is a no-contact, non-invasive, painless, and radiation-free screening that provides men and women with a picture of their current physiology. Popular thermographic screenings include full-body scans, immune system screening and breast screenings.

Breast thermography is especially beneficial for adult men and women. With breast screenings in particular, a baseline needs to be established, therefore, a second breast screening is conducted three months after the first screening to observe any changes in physiology. Annual screenings are appropriate going forward, as long as the results appear stable. Early detection of physiological changes can result in earlier treatment and better outcomes. It is important to remember that thermography does not replace mammography, they identify different things. Neither provide the “full picture.” Mammography identifies measurable structures such as fibrous tissue, calcifications, and tumors. Thermography visualizes vascular activity, inflammation, lymphatic activity, hormonal dysfunction, and other “functional” abnormalities.

Thermography is completely harmless, but there are times when it will not provide beneficial information. For example, because of hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation, women should wait three months after giving birth and breastfeeding before being screened. Any other screening can be conducted during this time, such as the thyroid or full body, just not the breast. If the patient has any breast health concerns, such as lumps, she needs to see her physician for further evaluation.

Ah, spring. I look forward to seeing my favorite daffodils bloom through their caps of snow. I look forward to supporting your spring tune-up as well. Bring this article with you to a screening in February, March or April and receive $25 off the regular screening price.

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