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By: Jan Carroll

Kickboxing, a type of martial art that combines some elements of boxing and some elements of karate, is becoming the fitness workout of choice for more and more people. “As word of mouth grows when it comes to how good kickboxing can be for you, the popularity of the sport will grow in this country,” says Luis Okumura on One reason for its popularity is that it provides a full-body workout in just 30 minutes. Men’s Journal rated 9Round one of the Top 20 Best Gym Classes and Workouts (, saying, “The 30-minute kickboxing-inspired workout is composed of nine stations with everything from speed bag skills to jumping rope.” But women are finding kickboxing appeals to them as well.

Best Health online magazine noted five benefits of kickboxing for women:

  1. melting fat fast

  2. toning the entire body

  3. learning valuable defense moves

  4. relieving stress and aggression

  5. boosting self-confidence

Chad Hollenbeck, owner of the local 9Round in Eau Claire, which opened January 2015, explains that a circuit-training format is used, where kickboxers circulate through nine stations, moving to a different station every 3 minutes. Because of this format, there are no set class times—you just drop in any time during business hours and jump into one of the stations. Trainers are always available to help.

Monthly cost includes unlimited workouts, nutritional support, access to and help from trainers, and boxing gloves and hand wraps. If you are curious but not sure about kickboxing, Hollenbeck encourages you to come and give it a try, as the first workout is always free. Even if youare a total beginner and/or are very out of shape, Hollenbeck says, “Everyone is welcome, and we will train you how to do the moves and exercises, starting at your own level.” He adds that another benefit of 9Round is that “even if you are injured, you can still work out, because the trainers will help you modify the exercise to your needs.”

Hollenbeck, who currently works more on the business ide of 9Round, says that what drew him to kickboxing with 9Round was that he “loved the fact that it’s a fast workout, it’s intense, and it’s fun. Plus, you always get a trainer.”

For more information, call 715-225-3032, visit their website at, or stop by 2219 Fairfax Street in Eau Claire.

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