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What’s New at Hahn’s Market?

When you first walk into the new Hahn’s Market you may not notice anything different than any other grocery store.  However, that could not be farther from the truth. Since last October, Hahn’s has been slowly and steadily changing over to a natural and organic grocery store, which is awesome for many reasons: organic and natural foods are better for us; we need a store like this in the area (especially on the north side of Eau Claire); and their bulk section will blow your mind.  With more than 200 bulk items at your fingertips, you have entered the bulktastic world of grains, nuts, teas and spices.  Prepare to be impressed and not just by the bulk section.

Please, take a verbal tour with me, I will show you around.  As we go left into the store you will find local meats and cheeses from Louie’s Meats in Cumberland, Castle Rock Cheese in Osseo, as well as a number of other well known local farms and dairies. As we proceed past the meat counter with prime choice cuts of steak, local meats like Meyer’s beef and Beeler’s pork as well as fresh seafood, we hit the produce. Here you have your choice of organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables. As we keep walking we see some local beers and wines from around the area and then we are at the dairy case in the back. So Delicious coconut yogurt is nestled between Organic Valley milk and other brands of organic dairy that you may have never seen anywhere else. The selection is superb.  As we round the back of the store, we find organic chips, crackers, and pretzels; then we round right and enter the frozen foods. Delight your taste buds with Amy’s Pizza, Kashi frozen dinners, and other frozen natural and organic options. The inside isles are equally impressive with organic baby items, organic canned foods, organic cereal, organic spices, and so much more. So stop by when you have time, stop by to browse and explore. With so many awesome options, you may be here a while so get a baby sitter if you have to.

We’ll see you when you get here. Drive Safely!

3045 North Hastings Way 715-835-1032

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