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The Watershed Café: A Local Food Focus

By: Summer Kelly, The Watershed Café

In the heart of the St. Croix River Valley, you will find the quaint and bustling river town of Osceola, Wisconsin. Perched atop the rocky bluffs of the St. Croix River, Osceola is surrounded by rushing waters and cascading waterfalls, making it a scenic destination for nature-lovers, outdoor adventurers, and family travelers. At the end of its main street is The Watershed Café – a rustic local restaurant and a cornerstone of neighborhood activity.

When you walk through the door, you meet old friends, new friends, families, or colleagues, and you notice a comfortable rhythm as people settle in, relax. Conversations blend to create a rejuvenating hum. “We are a gathering place of community,” said Rita Rasmuson, owner of The Watershed Café. “People of all walks of life come to our place to share time together and connect over good food that was grown with care and made with intention.”

The down-to-earth nature of The Watershed Café is rooted in the local food movement. Inspired by garden produce, seasonal ingredients and local flavor, Rita cultivates partnerships with small farmers and sustainable sources to bring fresh-grown food to the table for all to enjoy. “It’s important for each of us to be mindful of where our food comes from. We are fortunate to be surrounded by hard-working people who are passionate about farming and land stewardship,” Rita shared. “Supporting our local farmers improves the lives of everyone around us: it builds our local economy; provides support for small families, neighbors, friends, and community members in our rural areas; and allows each of us to eat fresh, clean, healthy food.”

Since its start in 2014, The Watershed Café works closely with four farms within 10 miles to source much of its fresh vegetables, herbs, dairy products, and meat. With growth in the river valley’s farming community, Rita has developed and expanded relationships with additional local partners. And now, please meet our new farmers!

Cosmic Wheel Creamery:Cosmic Wheel Creamery is part of Turnip Rock Farm, a sustainable CSA in Clear Lake, WI. This small, family-owned creamery produces artisan cheeses on a whole farm ecosystem, where each element of the farm is interdependent – a truly sustainable model that respects the surrounding environment while building soil and providing healthy, beautiful, and delicious food.

Steady Hand Farm:Steady Hand Farm, LLC in Amery, WI is the vegetable CSA farm of Jason and Juli Montgomery-Riess. Using safe farming practices, Steady Hand Farm considers and promotes biological diversity. They work hard to produce food that keeps our human community vibrant, healthy, and preserves the good life of our companions in this work: the soil, plants, insects and animals with which we share land.

With these new partnerships, we bring even more sustainably sourced, simply good food for you to enjoy. Join us for a hearty, nourishing, and fulfilling experience with local comfort food at The Watershed Café at 99 N. Cascade Street, Osceola, WI. Learn more about all our sustainable partners at

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