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The Better Diet

We have all heard of the Atkins no carb diet, the soup diet, and the South Beach diet. So why don’t we try an actual good for you diet? The No Cancer Diet. Dr. Oz says that making smarter decisions at the market can reduce your risk of getting cancers that are driven by hormones. Simply eating more foods with antioxidants, fiber and isoflavones.

Blueberries are one of the best antioxidants. They contain ellagic acid which helps you stay healthy by preventing carcinogens from sticking to your DNA. More yogurt in your diet leads to a healthier digestive system and less risk of cancer because it prevents enzymes in your system from turning healthy cells into cancerous cells. And we’ve all heard the “green tea is good for you speech,” but it really is. Dr. Oz says you should be drinking it at least once a day.

Packed with isoflavones, Tempe is a plant-based estrogen that mimics estrogen found in animals and humans. Women benefit more from a diet high in isoflavones because of the lower amount of natural estrogen they have. Isoflavones block our natural estrogen, therefore reducing our risk of developing estrogen triggered cancers.

Rainbow chard is called just that for its pretty green colors, but those colors give this chard its awesomely powerful immune boosters.

There is nothing like a vine-ripened tomato, and with their wonderful source of lycopene, we can help stop the growing and dividing of cancer cells in the body.

When tomatoes are cooked in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, lycopene is absorbed even better. So plan an Italian dish at least once a week.

Flaxseeds have a natural estrogen blocker called lignans, which help propagate growth in certain cancers like breast and ovarian.

Originally from Peru, quinoa is one of the wonder grains that not many people know about or have tried. It is a whole grain rich in fiber and antioxidants, which is great for fighting colon cancer. The fiber stimulates the good bacteria in your colon and takes the carcinogens with it on the way out.

Did you know that garlic and onions help fight cancer? Hailing from the family of veggies called allium, these power foods have been known to stop stomach, colon, brain, lung, prostate, and breast cancer. In lab studies, garlic has been seen to kill Leukemia cells.

Other cancer-fighting veggies are carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash.

Broccoli detoxes the liver; beans are rich in fiber; and the turmeric in curry has been found to suppress tumor.

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