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The Best Kept Secret in Chiropractic

by Michael J. Court, D.C., Chippewa Valley Wellness

I was traveling on Hwy. 94 south of Eau Claire this past weekend and came up to a huge traffic jam that stretched for miles. We waited in frustration as we inched along the highway. The delay added about an hour to our already long trip. I was thinking that there must be a bad accident way up the road. As we approached the source of the bottleneck, it was painfully obvious that it was simply traffic being routed to a one-lane access!  I thought to myself, “all this backup and waste of time due to a simple lane closure.” You may have had a similar thing happen to you in the past. I thought if someone was able to open up traffic at the blockage point, it could really free up movement.

This same type of backup happens in the body when you get a misalignment of the upper two bones in the neck. We call this area the upper cervical spine. It is located at the junction between the head and the neck. It is also where a majority of the nerve “traffic” flows through. This backup in the nervous system can cause a whole range of symptoms from neck and back pain to headaches, digestive problems, numbness in the hands and feet to overall bad posture. A chiropractor trained in upper cervical chiropractic is able to identify and gently correct such misalignments.

If you or someone you know does not like to get their necks “cracked,” or has a chronic condition, then upper cervical care may be what is needed. There is hope for people who have tried other therapies and have not gotten the results they desire. If this is something you would like to change, then see if you could benefit from upper cervical care today!

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