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Reiki For Life

By Ilona Udvari, Reiki Master/Teacher

The act of laying on hands to comfort and relieve pain is as old as human interaction. We pass healing and restorative energy to one another simply through our intent, touch and breath. Our first natural reaction to our own pain or another’s is to hold, touch or rub it. We hug and kiss one another, cradle and comfort our children, and pet our pets, all because human touch conveys warmth, serenity, healing, caring and love. We respond to each other this way, innately, freely passing healing life force energy from ourselves to one another.

We can give small amounts of our own energy to others without compromise, however, our personal system is designed to work solely for ourselves and can be depleted quickly if we are not careful. For instance, we may recognize the deterioration of our own physical and mental state by caring for the sick, providing long-term care for another, or helping someone through an emotionally draining situation. Presently we are encountering new health challenges with the pandemic. This is a great time to unlock a new era of self care, health maintenance and specialized care giving. We have the capability to harness energy from the unlimited source of Reiki.

Reiki is “life force energy”: a nonphysical, healing energy guided by Higher Intelligence, Divine Consciousness, Cosmic Wisdom. Sometimes this is simply referred to as Source Energy. It is naturally present all around us and pervades all things throughout our universe. Through an attunement with a Reiki Master/Teacher, the body’s frequency is raised to enable access and translation of unlimited amounts of this intelligently guided life force energy. And, once we are attuned, the energy is immediately available and lasts a lifetime.

During the attunement process, the body’s energy realigns to create a cohesive balance between body, mind and spirit. When life force energy is high in the body, the immune system works brilliantly; we are healthy, strong, confident, enthusiastic and ready to enjoy life; we are rational and creative thinkers and easily take on challenges; and we experience a pervading sense of calm, patience and compassion. Conversely, when life force energy is low, our immune system can become easily compromised; we may find it difficult to get things done or to cope with stress; our thinking can become fragmented; and we have difficulty processing emotional frustration, fear, doubt and worry. Reiki can help find balance for the receiver.

When hands are placed on the body during a treatment, the giver is a conduit for Reiki energy, but it is actually the receiver’s body that communicates and directs the energy to his or her own areas of greatest need. Since it is not guided by the mind of the giver, there are no limitations, nor can it be misused or be too much. It can be used to treat almost any physical and emotional condition such as disease, wounds, broken bones, bacterial infections, viruses, burns, bites, emotional imbalances, depression, eating disorders, fears, compulsions, and past traumatic events, and so many others. Reiki can never do harm and always creates a healing effect. Even large hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic, are beginning to implement Reiki.

We are intended to help ourselves and others. Reiki opens us up to be the best that we can be and to harness the unlimited resources that are all around us. By choosing to have a Reiki attunement, the answer to improved health is literally at our fingertips.

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