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New Farm Store Opening Soon at Together Farms!

By Becky Streeter

Once again, the staff at Together Farms is hard at work, prepping for summer, and this year they are introducing their brand new Farm Store! You literally have to walk right past it to get to the Burger Night area, so if you plan to head over there for a burger this summer, it will be easy to pop in and take a peek at what they’ve got going on.

Even though it’s still under construction (in multiple senses of the phrase), Stephanie Schneider, co-owner of Together Farms, is very excited about the progress and potential of the Farm Store. The physical space is much larger and more efficient than their previous setup, with the retail at the front of the store, offices in the back, and supplies for shipping and local deliveries in the back and basement. Aesthetically speaking, they used reclaimed materials from Dell’s Architectural Antiques for many parts of the building–for example, the ceiling is from an old mink farm that was taken down. Schneider says they already have some good stories about the building process–make sure to ask about the “incident” with the flooring when you stop by this summer.

The retail side of the store is coming along as well. Together Farms has been in discussions with over 50 businesses and local artists to sell their products in the store. In conjunction with this, each week Together Farms will have a Store Spotlight, where they feature a business in tandem with the Burger of the Week. Burgers will be announced on the calendar page of their website as soon as the staff knows what they will be, and then the “spotlight” business will come to the farm on their featured weekend for a meet and greet and sampling offers, and they will likely have additional items from their product line for purchase. Schneider says, “We’re trying to build community and make connections. Plus, now folks have another reason to come back every week and try some new, exciting things and meet other local producers while they’re here.” A few events are already planned, see list below.

The Store Spotlight is a great marriage between Burger Night and the Farm Store. Schneider states, “Our goal is not to be a food co-op or to create a tourist trap–we just want to carry the products that complement our meats (and make for easy meals) and that our customers want. It will very much be driven by demand, so there may be a lot of ‘evolving’ and testing the first year or two. Any feedback will be very valuable!”

The Store is set to open to the public this summer with a Grand Opening TBD, so keep your eyes open for that, because it’s going to be awesome.

For more information about Together Farms products or Burger Nights, check out their website at

  • May 11-14: Rise & Shine Burger (croissant bun, egg, syrup drizzle, etc.) featuring their maple syrup farms

  • May 18-21: Spotted Cow Burger featuring New Glarus in the store

  • June 15-18: Big Papa Burger (Father’s Day weekend) featuring Croix Valley BBQ

  • June 21-25: The Bees Knees Burger (Pollinator week!) featuring all things honey and beeswax, fun talks with beekeepers, and beeswax wraps from local seller Dakota Wellness

  • June 29-July 2: Howdy Hippie Burger (in honor of Blue Ox hippies and Country Fest cowboys) featuring Farm Doc Microgreens

  • July 20-23: We Brie Jammin’ Burger featuring AVEnue Orchard

  • July 27-30: Murder Burger featuring Seaquist Orchards cherry sauce and in honor of their first Murder Mystery party on Wednesday the 26th (tickets for this are available on the calendar page of the website)

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