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Natural Health Tips for 2017

By Debbie Koteras, Owner, Mother Nature’s Food, Inc

A new year is upon us, and for many people it is a time to reflect and make a New Year’s resolution. For many this can be a lifelong change, and for others it lasts about two weeks and then it is back to old habits. During this time of reflection, I would love to give you some things to think about that I have seen make a difference in many of my customers’ lives.

The first thing is water. I cannot say enough about having consistent good-quality water in your life every day. I think the key for many people is finding that perfect container for you because it really needs to go everywhere with you. Maybe you have one for home and one that goes with, whatever works for you!

Now the next item is sleep. I am not here to debate how many hours of sleep you should get, but my goal is to have you really think about the quality of sleep that you get. For many people having to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom is a nightly interruption. Is it an easy fix of not drinking anything too late at night or is there a prostate issue or a bladder issue? Getting to the root cause of the problem and not covering it up or ignoring it is really what you need to figure out. For some, you cannot get to sleep because you are unable to shut your thoughts off. There are different natural products that may help you out with many of these issues.

Now that you are drinking enough water and getting a good night’s sleep, there are a handful of supplements that MANY of my customers use every day that are helpful to their overall well-being. The top items are an omega supplement, a vitamin D3, and a multivitamin. Now these are all basics for people of any age – young to old.

Taking responsibility for your own health has to be a personal decision. Once you take on that challenge to get and keep yourself healthy, you will never regret it. Here is to an awesome 2017 and a healthier and happy you!

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