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Luminary Wellness

By Katy Hackworthy along with Kari Jo Green, The Luminary Wellness Center

Luminary Wellness strives to provide a welcoming and safe respite from the stress and chaos of daily life, especially during the holidays. Constantly operating at high stress levels weakens your immune system and is detrimental to your mental health, so carving out time to rejuvenate your body may give you that boost you need to tackle those holiday shopping lists and feel better while doing it!

The Luminary offers services such as infrared sauna, floating therapy, and red light therapy. Infrared rays penetrate your body’s deepest tissues, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation. It’s great for those looking to detox after all the holiday celebrations as it increases metabolism, improves cellulite appearance, boosts immunity, and improves skin tone and complexion. Red light rejuvenates skin and promotes anti-aging by increasing production of collagen and elastin, which is great for anyone looking to enhance their skin's appearance or improve tired and sore muscles. Other benefits include decreased nervous system excitability, tissue regeneration, and reduction of chronic and acute pain. Additionally, floating therapy, which is essentially “the art of doing nothing,” triggers restorative processes for your body and mind, leaving you feeling grounded and refreshed.

The Luminary also understands it’s not always easy for folks to prioritize wellness during busier times, so they offer a salt booth express service (halotherapy), and empower their clients to simply take a few moments for themselves by incorporating breath-work and rest into their daily lives. The salt booth express service only takes about ten minutes for the treatment to be effective. This treatment not only provides your respiratory system with a major boost, but also gives you a break to lean into stillness, which is often a luxury during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Kari Jo, owner of The Luminary, graciously offered readers of Second Opinion a small breathing exercise to promote de-stressing:

If you’d like to join us for a few moments of calm, I encourage you to close your eyes and breathe in through your nose for four counts, hold for six counts and then slowly exhale out your mouth for eight counts. Repeat once more, and then note how you feel.

Taking even a few brief moments to ground and re-center yourself activates your parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the “rest and digest” system, which facilitates a feeling of calmness.

Kari Jo also reminds us of the importance of keeping our cups full, even in times of increased stress. By doing so, you’ll create more energy and space to give back to others and yourself, as well as help strike some semblance of balance between the many obligations. By investing more of your time in yourself, whether it be through one of The Luminary’s many offerings, or simply remembering to take a few deep breaths when you’re feeling overwhelmed or worn down, you’re doing the important work of prioritizing your wellness.

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