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Local farms near you!

Localharvest.org Local Harvest provides a comprehensive nationwide directory of family farms, farmers’ markets, CSAs, and other locavores. Just enter your zip code to find those closest to you. You can also find local area events like when farms have visiting hours, special events, as well as conversations on local foods and sustainability.

Wilson.edu/csasearch Find a local CSA near you using the The Robyn Van En Center. They also have information on the history of CSAs and local farmer information.

Slowfoodusa.org With chapters all over the country, you are bound to find local foods and farmers right in your neck of the woods. Get together with like-minded people to swap restaurant suggestions, farmers market info, as well as discussing sustainability, nutrition and other foodie topics.

Foodroutes.org This nonprofit org in Pennesylvania not only promotes eco-friendly foods and farming, they bring together grassroots campaigns from around the country. You can also take the challenge, which promises to spend $10 per week on locally produced food.

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