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Green Pages » March/April ‘12

“The Most Important Change Is the One You Make Just For Yourself” – Anonymous

How often have you heard yourself or someone else talk about needing to make lifestyle changes for health and wellness, only to follow up with a stream of excuses and obstacles making it seem daunting, if not impossible to achieve?

Over two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, and more than 12.5 million children ages 2-19 years old, are obese. We have an epidemic in our country, and it is hurting people’s health and costing as much as $147 billion each year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I don’t imagine health care costs are going down anytime soon, so the only solution is to get and stay healthy!

Having been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I have observed the struggle up close and assisted numerous individuals in developing the skills necessary to take control, change their habits, and live fitter and healthier lives. I would love to see more health and fitness professionals in the Chippewa Valley working together towards a goal of making our community fitter and healthier in 2012!

I am excited to announce Mission Accomplished has been asked to take over the promotion of the Lifestyle Achievement Challenge 2012! We see this as a great opportunity to get more health and fitness facilities and professionals involved in working with more clients and patients towards this common goal of better health.

Last year our studio had a group of 10 clients enter this challenge and lose over 250 pounds and 80% body fat together. We realize the importance of a support network, so we created a “team” environment to help guide our group as they began exercising and making nutrition changes to reach their goals. We plan to offer this again to our Team and we are encouraging other facilities to do the same.

The Lifestyle Challenge 2012 now has its own website: where potential contestants can go to get registration forms, see which health professionals and fitness facilities in your area are offering services or creating Teams that you might join, and look at what local businesses are supporting this effort as well, through their Sponsorships of the prize packages for the Challenge.

Our Goal is to make this contest a HUGE success as we SHRINK the waistline of the Chippewa Valley TOGETHER

Kim Landry-Ayres is the owner of Mission Accomplished Personal Training & Nutrition Consulting Studio of Eau Claire, WI. She is a nationally certified personal fitness trainer, post rehab conditioning specialist, group fitness, yoga & Pilates instructor, Thai yoga body worker and nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Women with No Borders

WWNB is a new and upcoming non-profit organization for women, about women and supporting women.

As a woman discovers her self worth, she opens up to the possibilities previously denied. WWNB provides an oasis where acceptance, encouragement, trust, and integrity are the building blocks for stronger communities and personal growth.

The goal of Women With No Borders (WWNB) is to address the needs of women by supporting their health and well-being, developing community, and teaching one another through mentorships.

“As we reach out to the community with support and encouragement, a platform is  created for women, men, and children to feel empowered in their personal lives and their communities,” states founder/president Jean Kowalski.

For more information and registration, contact Jean Kowalski at 715-220-8543 or email:

WWNB~Women With No Borders can be found at 405 S. Farwell Street, Suites 28 – upstairs in the Kappus Bldg. For more information, see the website at:

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