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GOALS Life Coaching Go Out And Live Successfully!

If you are like me, I was intimidated by the word goals. The word alone was unappealing to me. I didn’t understand the importance of goals and I didn’t know what my goals were. Plus, I had a fear of failure or a fear of success; I wasn’t really sure. New Year’s Day was the most dreaded day of the year. Another year would go by, and no goal setting for me. I was floating aimlessly hoping good things would happen. I felt like, as Bon Jovi put it, “A gypsy lost in a twilight zone.” One day a wonderful friend pointed out the word goals to me in a different light. It was then, that the word goals took on a positive connotation and represented getting out and living successfully. Having goals no longer seemed like a yucky task.

I became very clear about what I wanted and how I was going to make it happen. I focused intently on my goals. Yes, I hit roadblocks, but my desire to achieve gave me the energy to overcome them.

I continually work on the art of setting and achieving goals and I now want to share my knowledge and passion of Goal Setting with you! (If I can do it, so can you!)

One of my goals was to create my own business revolving around one of my passions. Yes, I have a few, for which I am grateful, but the one passion that was glaringly clear was my desire to help people. I gathered up my passion, my degrees and certifications, and visualized a beautiful office space and GOALS Life Coaching was born.

Let me help you “Create the Life You Want” by visiting my webpage at  Let’s get started working on you!

CHP Helps Eau Claire Resident to Live Independently

Each month Rodney’s medications cost about $100 less than the income he and his wife Myra have to live on.

“That doesn’t leave much to buy food,” says Rodney, “to say nothing of paying for the routine expenses of maintaining our small house.”

Rodney and Myra have managed to keep their Eau Claire home and continue to live independently only because of the help they receive through the Partnership program from Community Health Partnership, Inc. (CHP), a Medicare/Medicaid long-term care management organization based in Eau Claire.

“Without their help – I don’t know what we’d do,” says Myra.

Rodney, who has had heart surgery and seven heart attacks, relies on supplemental oxygen and several daily medications. Myra provides the majority of his personal care, and receives compensation for up to 24 hours per week as part of the Self-Directed Supports option offered by CHP. Once a month they also receive a visit from a member of their CHP interdisciplinary care team.

“Within reason, I feel there’s nothing CHP wouldn’t do for me. Even with all my health issues, Myra and I are both independent and neither of us feel we need institutional care. As long as we have CHP, we’re OK.”

Rodney has been a member of CHP since 2007. He found out about CHP almost by accident as he was looking through a booklet from Medicare. “Lo and behold there was this local company that sounded like a good thing, so I called them up,” he said. “What a difference that made!”

In the comfort of his own home, he enjoys working on the computer, watching television, and keeping abreast of news and sports through papers from Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester, Minnesota. An energetic miniature Dachshund named Sophie provides good company. If Myra needs to be away from the house, Rodney keeps the cell phone near him. He also wears a pendant with a button he can push if he needs emergency help. During mild weather, Rodney, Myra, and Sophie enjoy sitting on the front porch of their home, “people watching.” “We’re happy we can stay in our home,” Rodney said. “Without CHP, we wouldn’t be able to.”

Thanks to CHP, individuals like Rodney faced with these and other similar situations have more options than they may realize. CHP integrates health and long-term care funding and services for frail elderly and physically or developmentally disabled adults who reside in five counties (Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pierce & St. Croix) in west-central Wisconsin.

CHP utilizes a team approach with a mission-driven philosophy to provide and honor members’ choices and encourage independence. At the same time, the program works with members to help them manage complex chronic diseases.

For more information about CHP, visit their website at or contact the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in your county.

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