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Give Yourself the Gift of Giving

It’s an interesting phenomenon that giving to others also gives YOU benefits,even if that’s not the initial reason you do it. Studies show that giving 1) may help you live longer, 2) can boost your mood and make you happier, 3) may protect you from heart disease and from addiction, 4) makes you feel better physically by reducing your blood pressure an d relieving stress. Modeling giving to your children helps them see the importance you place on it and gives them an opportunity to practice empathy and compassion toward others. Even better if they participate in the giving.

Here are just a few of the local groups that welcome your holiday gifts.

THE DIAPER BANK  This is a project of the Junior League of Eau Claire working in partnership with Feed My People food bank to collect and provide free diapers to low-income local families. For low-income families, lack of diapers reinforces the difficult of their situation. Many don’t have access to on-site laundry facilities in order to wash cloth diapers, yet laundromats do not allow customers to launder cloth diapers either, due to health concerns. This can mean that families have to stretch the use of the diapers they have, with babies wearing one diaper all day at times. If families can’t provide adequate diapers, they can’t access daycare, which means it’s harder to work consistently, which in turn contributes to the cycle of poverty.  For more information go to HOMELESS CHILDREN AND YOUTH FUND/EAU CLAIRE AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT  The Homeless Children and Youth fund supports various student and family needs for those living in a homeless situation, from transportation, to winter gear, to school supplies. To donate, go to ECASD Homeless Children and Youth Program serves hundreds of homeless students across the district each year and assists families to eliminate the barriers homelessness poses for their children. A most pressing need is transportation from their shelter to a consistent school while their families work to find stable housing.  You can make a gift to any school you like. Visit

HUMANE ASSOCIATIONS  The Eau Claire County Humane Association receives no funding from any local, state, or national organization, relying fully on community support. Your donation will help provide comfort, care, and forever loving homes for our community’s orphaned pets. As always, no matter the dollar amount, your contributions make a positive impact on the thousands of pets who rely on ECCHA for shelter each year. To donate, go to

Cats, dogs, rabbits, lizards, and even doves have called the Chippewa Humane Association home while they waited to be found or adopted. They care for 400 to 500 animals annually and rely on donations to provide food, veterinary care, and all things needed

To keep the shelter clean and warm for each animal. Donors provide 80 percent of their annual operating budget. To donate, go to

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