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Editor’s Note » January/February '11

Welcome to 2011! We are glad you decided to join us. This is our big heart healthy issue, so get ready to live longer, stay sharper, and be healthier than any other year. We have packed this issue full of ways to keep your heart strong and healthy for life.

This issue also includes our first installment of a new section called “My First…” This is a section where we want you, our awesome readers, to delight us with your own stories of trying something for the first time. Whether it be eating alligator or practicing hot yoga, we want to know how it went. Set the scene and entice others to try something new. The first article will hopefully engage you and push you to try your own Abhyanga massage and steamy wonder treatment.

Finally, I just want to take the time to thank each and every one of my supporters, because without you this magazine wouldn’t happen. Thank you to all my advertisers, contributing writers, and you, my readers. We hope you enjoy the magazine.

Be well!

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