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Eco-Up Your Dishwasher

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest the most dangerous household product is dishwashing detergent—even more dangerous than drain cleaner, surprisingly. This detergent contains toxic ingredients, such as carcinogenic formaldehyde. There are, fortunately, healthier choices. The following products will help you eco-up your dishwasher.

Sunrider SunBright® SuperClean™ Household Benefits: Phosphate-free, biodegradable, environment-friendly, and smells nice. See rep ad on page 2.

The Honest Company: Honest Auto Dishwasher Gel Benefits: From plant and mineral sources; so safe, gentle, and hard-working; biodegradable, works in all temperatures, and is septic safe.

CitraDish Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Benefits: Its built-in rinse-aid gives you the same sparkling results as from leading brand, but no chlorine, phosphates, synthetic perfumes, or dyes.

Earth Friendly NEW Wave Gel Auto Dishwasher HP Benefits: Phosphate-, chlorine-, and caustics-free; fully biodegradable.

Method Smarty Dish and Smarty Dish Plus (dishwasher tabs) NEW Wave Gel Auto Dishwasher HP Benefits: Earth-friendly pouch, no phosphates or bleach, and uses 87 percent less plastic for their pod.

Ecover Dish Tablets Benefits: Plant-based and mineral ingredients, no animal testing, septic safe, and box is 95 percent recycled cardboard. The plastic wrappers are also recyclable.

BioKleen AUTOMATIC DISH POWDER Benefits: Phosphate- and chlorine-free, natural oxygen bleach helps rid stains, and it’s High Effiency!

Better Life Automatic Magic PEOPLE. PETS. PLANET. Benefits: Gluten-free and hypoallergenic, no animal testing, safe for waterways and marine life.

Grab Green Dishwashing Detergent Benefits: Specifically formulated for European models. Made with non-toxic, naturally derived ingredients. Phosphate- and chlorine-free, septic safe, no animal testing.

Thanks you so much to all of the wonderful green companies who sent us all of these great products.  We were blown away by your generosity.  We got many more products from each of these companies to review and tell you about so keep reading.  We recommend trying them all, we loved each and every one of them.

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