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Do You See What I See?

By Shawn R. Seuferer, Certified Clinical Thermographer, Thermography of Wisconsin

Many patients ask how digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI), or thermography, “sees” a particular issue, like arthritis, hip pain, or cancer. Thermography measures infrared heat emitted from the skin’s surface in specific patterns—it “sees” temperature. These patterns relate to body systems and chemical processes which control blood flow to the skin.

Drawing a line down the center of the body, the thermal patterns ideally mirror each other, or are symmetrical. Irregular patterns of heat or cold are associated with certain health conditions or diseases, such as elevated C-reactive protein levels, cardiac dysfunction, diabetes, tumor development, hormone imbalance, lymph congestion, thyroid dysfunction, and more.

Thermography is harmless, painless and non-invasive. There is no contact and no radiation. A highly specialized medical DITI camera and software are used to take and record the images. The images are interpreted by highly trained medical doctors who base their opinions on the thermal patterns, the patient’s history, and reported symptoms. The patient is provided with the doctor’s written report and full color images which they can share with their healthcare professional of choice. Together, the patient and healthcare professional determine what next steps to take if any.

Like x-ray, ultrasound, mammograms, MRI, CT scans, DITI is not a stand-alone diagnostic tool. Not all diseases or dysfunctions have thermal indicators, and the absence of a thermal indicator does not necessarily mean no disease or dysfunction is present. DITI is not recommended when a better screening tool or test is available. Thermography works best when combined with one these other modalities and used as part of a health screening program. In fact, the American College of Clinical Thermology recommends thermographers partner with independent sonographers who can provide ultrasounds.

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