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Co-Impact Sourcing

By Dr. Lynn Thompson

We look to humankind to care for each other. To give without expectation is truly a gift. I am proud to be associated with doTERRA International, a company that goes beyond what is considered “fair trade”: we are a humanitarian organization disguised as an essential oils company.

Co-Impact Sourcing is a doTERRA initiative to ensure ethical treatment of the small-scale farmer and harvester in disadvantaged areas. So much more than finding the highest quality essential oils, doTERRA deliberately seeks out impoverished areas of the world to see how we can assist the population with growing, processing and transporting the essential oils.

The humanitarian objectives of Co-Impact Sourcing are to relieve suffering, provide dignity, and end cycles of poverty. To accomplish this, doTERRA strives to ensure a quality supply for our precious oils, maintain quality control of the product, and establish long-term partnerships to ensure the supply chain with mutual respect and enduring business.

One of our exquisite essential oils is Frankincense. We source Frankincense in part from Somalia, arguably the oldest surviving supply chain in the world. The harvesters and their families are still facing 1,000 year old living conditions. There are few roads, no electricity, and little-to-no running water, medicine, education, or access to food. Many women and children die while giving birth in the bush.

However, this rugged, dangerous, and barren place is now filling with hope. Through the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative, doTERRA empowers the Frankincense resin harvesting communities. Jobs are created for both men and women who receive on-time and above fair trade payments, and to receive them directly, not through unscrupulous middle men. doTERRA has also been able to provide training, organization and increased access to food in rural areas with the most need.

Another Co-Impact Sourcing area of need is Nepal. In 2015, major earthquakes hit this poor country leaving over 9,000 documented deaths (locals estimate the number to actually be over 20,000). Over 22,000 people were injured, and over 750,000 homes were damaged with another almost 500,000 totally destroyed. The earthquake hit so suddenly and, with no time to prepare, over 27,000 children were orphaned.

doTERRA had “boots on the ground” immediately in Nepal to evaluate the situation. We were able to provide tents, food and water before the Nepalese government was even able to get to the hardest hit areas. In the aftermath of the disaster, doTERRA has rebuilt several homes as well as three “earthquake-proof” schools. We helped raise the standard of living for the harvesters, processors and communities at large.

Knowing that our company sources these precious oils from over 40 countries, and also knowing the positive impact we are able to make, fills me with great pride.

“HOPE is being able to see there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Dr. Thompson and the doTERRA team offer free educational opportunities. Please contact her via text 715-456-6734 or at for more information and a schedule of classes.

More information on Co-Impact Sourcing can be found at Photo source:

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