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Boost Your Metabolism

Without Intervals

Never in the mood to do what works best—sprints? Try these still-effective calorie igniters. Add Weight: Whether it’s holding light dumbbells while doing jumping jacks or wearing a weighted vest while walking on the treadmill, the combo will quickly crank up calorie burn. Up Your Incline: Take your walk to a hill and you could torch as many calories as if you were running on a flat surface. ( tighter butt is a bonus.) Cut Out Rests: A superset—two resistance exercises performed back-to-back to create one set—burns roughly 8 to 10 calories per minute, nearly twice the calorie burn of a standard training.

Green Tea

Researchers for years have been linking green tea, and even white tea, to health perks. If you’re drinking tea, choose the type you enjoy the most. Be sure to not overload your tea with sugar or artificial sweeteners or you could be voiding out,or diminishing, the tea’s healthful effects. Instead, sweeten with a tad of local raw honey for an extra antioxidant punch. If you prefer milk in your tea, go for it. Researchers found the flavonoids remain bioavailable with or without milk.

Quark (kwark)

This rising-star fresh cheese from central Europe is similar to Greek yogurt in texture but is milder and less tangy. Like yogurt, quark is packed with good-for-you probiotics and protein, with 17g or more in one 6-ounce cup.  Eat plain, top with fruit, or combine with garlic, herbs, and sea salt for a savory dip.

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